The board


Long Tail was founded by a team of visionary property developers, entrepreneurs and experienced global business leaders with the aspiration of transforming the way apartments connect to pioneering technologies and the communities in which they are located.




Founding Director

David Masters is a corporate property strategist with 15 years experience in the preparation and implementation of corporate and property strategies in companies, including a Forbes Top 10 global company. David holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Master of Business Administration.

David has a large portfolio of property development companies, is a Director of an Industry Superannuation Fund, a not-for-profit community foundation and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

David is currently engaged in the strategy and implementation of  large scale property development projects in VIC, NSW and NT.




Greg McCann is a well respected company Chairman active in the global technology sector. Greg successfully lead ASX listed company MOKO Social Media to be a leading player in the American Colleges mobile social networking sector following a NASDAQ listing.

He has 24 years of financial consulting experience with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and is currently the Managing Director of the Excentor Group, an independent software and consulting services supplier throughout the Asia Pacific region.

He is on the board of East Coast law firm Lander & Rogers and Non-Executive Chairman of ASX listed TPC Consolidated Limited.





Steven has extensive management and operational experience internationally across strategy, business development, sales and marketing and is Chief Strategy Officer at CovaU.

Previously, Steven was based in Tokyo as director of strategy and business development for KVH, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investment Company which has over $5 trillion in customer assets under management.



Founding Director

An internationally experienced brand strategist with a growing property portfolio. Vanessa has an impressive client history, having managed brands for over 15 years throughout Europe, America and Australia for companies such as Nike, Coca Cola and Sony Ericsson.

Vanessa has taught at the prestigious London School of Public Relations and held the role of President of the Australian Marketing Institute, Tas.