NBN To every apartment

Traditionally, moving in can be a stressful and time consuming procedure. This usually requires contacting a telco provider, endless minutes on hold, ending with frustration and confusion.

Long Tail has streamlined how residents connect to the internet. Seamless connectivity makes it easy to link your devices the minute you step into the building.



Fiber Connection

  • An NBN fiber connection to every apartment.
  • Preinstalled and ready to connect the moment you walk in.


  • We leverage the same technology that is employed by the world’s leading luxury hotel chains.
  • Our WiFi security is currently unequalled in residential buildings.

High Performance

  • Get your information faster with speeds up to 100Mb/s. 
  • Get the most from your connection with up to 2000GB of downloads.


Benefits to building management:

  • Streamlined install during construction
  • Installed in less time at less cost than fibre networks
  • Configures in minutes
  • Extends the 'hotel' lifestyle promise
  • Enables smart appliances and security systems in the building

Benefits for the resident:

  • Instant configuration and connection
  • Building-wide access
  • Better than Broadband speeds
  • Robust security
  • Competitive pricing