Energy Disruption

Our partner has disrupted the energy retail market. At a time in Australia when 4 out of 5 energy customers dislike their utility provider, CovaU boasts an 84% satisfaction rating.

Constantly evolving, the company's iGENO embedded network platform has been established to offer customers better buying rates and state of the art usage information for both new and exisiting buildings. 

iGENO is one of only a handful of companies in Australia that adhere to the stringent guidelines placed on embedded network electricity retailers by the Electricity Ombudsman.

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  • iGENO offer timely connections, accurate billing and flexible payment options.
  • 24/7 customer service and online help.


  • Smart meters in every apartment to monitor energy consumption.
  • Complex energy usage analysis.


  • Solar systems generating clean electricity for the building.
  • Low impact living with paperless billing.

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With the flexibility to operate as either an embedded network or a direct retailer to residents, iGENO are able to shield the developer or owners corporation from unnecessary financial exposure.

Benefits for the resident:

  • Instant connection upon moving in
  • Remote connection / disconnection
  • Industry leading usage data
  • Competitive pricing

Benefits to building management:

  • Mitigation of up front infrastructure costs
  • Passive income stream
  • Construction electricity savings
  • Supplier is commissioned prior to moving to