We partner with developers to provide them with ongoing passive income through supplying essential and lifestyle services to residents.



Long Tail offers ongoing commissionable revenue on the following services:

  • Electricity
  • Hotel-style enterprise grade WiFi
  • Insurance
  • Home Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Healthcare
  • Security

Long Tail offers the following services to developers:

  • Greenfields and brownfields infrastructure roll out
  • Electricity embedded networks
  • Bespoke web and mobile app for all residents to manage services and billing
  • Freedom of choice for residents across all services
  • Industry leading pricing and 24hr. call centre support for electricity, WiFi and insurance.
  • A means to communicate with all residents through a centralised platform

Building wide WiFi

Building wide WiFi

Fostering synergistic relationships between councils, developers and community organisations.



We believe that vibrant cities are born of a balance between culture, commercialism and visionary thinking.


By negotiating extremely competitive pricing for the consumer on bulk utilities, Long Tail is able to generate both a healthy profit for the developer and additional funds for philanthropic purposes, at no additional cost to the developer.



A simpler way to connect




For the resident, Long Tail simplifies the sign up process for utilities, provides competitive rates, and consolidates the management of ongoing payments via a web and mobile app. 


• Electricity • GAS • Broadband 


• Insurance • Home Cleaning • Maintenance • Dry Cleaning

• Healthcare • Security