Infrastructure connecting community

We believe vibrant cities are born of a balance between philanthropy, commercialism and visionary thinking.

It is our vision to change the game. To change the way utilities are implemented in Australian buildings, lowering the costs for charities and contributing profits back into the community.

Long Tail Property’s mission is to transform the way Australians connect their utilities and contribute to a better community. It is our aim to help the not-for-profits in Australia leverage their national property, people and environmental assets to generate income and become less reliant on donations.

Our ‘why’ is to support those who help make the world a better place, do more good in the world. Our commercial vision is to share the profits that we generate together with the not-for-profit, to benefit those initiatives which help improve peoples’ lives.

How we do this



Our aim is to help structure utility, finance and buying contracts that are in the best interests of the charity. Our mission is to help you, so that you can focus on helping others.

We also help staff, members & volunteers lower their utilities costs annually, receive a better service and generate income for their charity through providing everyday expenses.

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Not-for-profits have one Account Manager who helps structure a solution for their assets and reach their revenue targets over time. We help aggregate all of the providers of services that can help into one place.

Our team includes the best marketers, strategists, financial and tax planners to help an organisation maximize the opportunity.



Long Tail is 100% committed to transparency. A minimum of 10%, and a maximum of 45% of profits generated go towards supporting the community.

Through our dashboard, not-for-profits can see exactly how our solutions have lowered their cost-base and increased their income.


We identified the problem of cities being increasingly hostile environments for individuals and families and the solution to help support these communities.

'We don't believe in charity' says CEO Vanessa Cox 'we believe in raising the capacity for resourcefulness, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive within inner city communities. Creating communities where families can flourish and both Mum and Dad can be active and stimulated members of the community'

Inspiring developers to contribute beyond the building is an important part of Long Tail's success. Long Tail takes up to 45% of profits generated from the building for:

  • improving the local area with safe park initiatives

  • helping to reduce homelessness

  • improving the well being of isolated children 

  • girls and woman at risk


Some of our partners: