Infrastructure connecting community

We believe vibrant cities are born of a balance between philanthropy, commercialism and visionary thinking.
It is our vision to change the game. To change the way utilities are implemented in Australian buildings, lowering the costs for residents and contributing profits back into the community.


How we do this



Aggregating energy and broadband supply enables us to offer competitive rates to residents through lower network charges and improved operating costs.

As a leader in smart technology, we can offer residents a better service experience and streamline costs.

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We select the brands with the highest service levels and negotiate discounts across our portfolio, passing the savings onto all residents and benefiting the community.



Long Tail is 100% committed to transparency. A minimum of 10%, and a maximum of 45% of profits generated from a building go towards supporting the community.

Through our dashboard, residents can see exactly how their purchases have contributed, and even vote on where their contributions are needed most.



Monthly statements allow residents to see the community points accumulated,

opportunities to get involved and vote on where contributions are best made. 


We identified the problem of cities being increasingly hostile environments for individuals and families and the solution to help support these communities.


'We don't believe in charity' says CEO Vanessa Cox 'we believe in raising the capacity for resourcefulness, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive within inner city communities. Creating communities where families can flourish and both Mum and Dad can be active and stimulated members of the community'

Inspiring developers to contribute beyond the building is an important part of Long Tail's success. Long Tail takes up to 45% of profits generated from the building for:

  • improving the local area with safe park initiatives
  • helping to reduce homelessness

  • improving the well being of isolated children 

  • girls and woman at risk


Some of our partners: